Startup Academy is organized by Genesis and Meta, partnering to empower the startup ecosystem in the CEE region.

Since October 2023, the Startup Academy program has become a part of the TRMNL4 ecosystem.

TRMNL4 [terminal] — a connector [for] startups, investors, and global tech players.

We create educational, networking, and investment opportunities for tech businesses.

Genesis and Meta team up for the fourth deep-dive program for startups to personalize their tech success journey alongside industry leaders.

TRMNL4 is powered by Genesis — a co-founding company that builds global tech businesses with outstanding CEE entrepreneurs.

Genesis is the largest co-founding IT company in the CEE and one of the largest global app developers


Key business partner for Meta, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, and Amazon in CEE


15 years on the market, 3000+ employees all over the world


One of the largest global app developers


25+ businesses in the Genesis ecosystem


More than 45,000 specialists and founders have completed educational programs created by our 30-person education team


Connection is evolving and so we are!

The metaverse will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will let you share immersive experiences with other people even when you can’t be together — and do things together you couldn’t do in the physical world. It’s the next evolution in a long line of social technologies, and it’s ushering in a new chapter for our company.

We’re already developing exciting new technologies that will help people connect and explore in the metaverse:

  • Virtual reality

  • Augmented reality

  • Smart glasses

The metaverse will be a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It will be created by people all over the world, and open to everyone.